Class Descriptions


ACROYOGA Fundamentals

While traditional yoga connects us to our breath, movement, and thoughts, Acroyoga creates a safe and playful space for us to build community and explore the connections between humans. Join Matt and Jarrod and explore a new way to play through the art of partner acrobatics. This workshop is for all bodies, all experiences, and is sure to leave you feeling amazed and inspired. No partner required and solo practitioners are encouraged.

Awaken Your true identity with kundalini yoga

Fifty years ago, Yogi Bhajan introduced Kundalini Yoga to the West and started 3HO: Healthiness, Happiness, Holiness Organization. He taught that these three qualities are our inherent birthright and that they should be celebrated.

Join us for an exploration into the world of Kundalini Yoga. The class will include Mantras, Mudras, Pranayama, a Meditation and Kriya.

Through dynamic movement and breathing techniques, students can expect to awaken dormant energy stored throughout the body, removing blocks along the way. When these blocks are cleared, freedom is experienced. With this newfound freedom, one feels closer to their True Identity. By the end of the practice, students can exclaim: Sat Nam! Wahe Guru! “My True Identity brings me out of the darkness and into the Light!”

Breathe to Balance

As an individual, as a community, as a world, many of us know we need balance, stability and compassion in our life. That is what this practice is all about. This all levels class will give you concrete tools to feel better in your body, calm your mind and learn a simple breathing and meditation practice which will benefit your nervous system, and which you can do any time, any where.


Join Nancy Kate as we learn the key actions and threads of connection between Down Dog, Handstand and Full Wheel. Discovering the alignment of Down Dog will give you wisdom to carry forth into practicing Handstand and Full Wheel. Transform your understanding of these postures and invoke the natural evolution of a conscious and sustainable yoga practice.

Explorers of Infinity

Set yourself free. Moving into grace with intention and celebration. Let's bring our spirits together and expand our borders with our voice and heart creating connections that will serve through infinity. Enjoy community as we practice in devotion with each other. Come exactly as you are. No experience necessary. This workshop will include asana, mantra, discussion and some beautiful dope music

Form & Formless: Hindu / Buddhist Deities & Moksha (Enlightenment)

This class will incorporate both wisdom and practices. So that the deep secrets of working with your Ishtadevata (archetypes) is revealed to help you in all 4 Purusharthas of your life - Artha (material needs), Kama (desires), Dharma (your life purpose)  and ultimately, Moksha (Enlightenment). 

Enlightenment (in the Vedanta tradition) is the journey of Knowing the Self, abiding in the Self and seeing the same Self in others with love and compassion. Manoj will guide you through the 3 practices of non dualistic Advaita Vedanta philosophy as it applies to archetypes:  Shravanam (listening), Mananam (contemplation) and Nidhidhyasana (abiding in the Self).

The question then arises, what role do these deities such as Ganesh, Shiva, Lakshmi, Buddha,Tara play in this journey?. Manoj will bring in statues of these deities and relate their symbolisms to our journey to enlightenment. Through humorous archetypical story telling, discover your Isthadevata (personal archetype), uncover their secret symbolisms and learn the five ways to work with them as part of a practice towards spiritual awakening.

Manoj will help you discover your archetype/Ishtadevata. 

(This workshop is 70% lecture, 15%meditation, 10% Mantra chantings and 5% light spiritual stretches.)

Get Your Head Out of Your App: Realign, Remind & Recharge

We type, surf, tweet, click and watch. We are masters of being in the moment when we are engaged with our smart phones but what about the rest of the time? We need to look up more often. The body requires more tone on the back and some room in the front. Our eyes could use a break. Our hands and fingers want some space to spread out. Make time to go offline and surf your breath.

This workshop will include:

Gentle Asana to open the chest and strengthen the back. Exercises to relieve stress in the hands and arms. Simple practices to balance your relationship with your phone and your own life.

Hero’s Journey with Hindu/Buddhist Deity Archetypes (Ishtadevatas)

In this unique presentation, Manoj (people call him a spiritual stand up comedian who often falls flat on his big Ganesha belly) will incorporate all the Hindu and Buddhist deity archetypes in the circle of Shiva Nataraj. Uncover the secret symbolisms of these archetypes and relate it to all aspects of your life such as relationships, abundance, life purpose and anxiety attenuation. 

We are going to symbolically kayak through Carl Jung’s collective unconscious for these Archetypes. Discover how entertaining story telling fully expresses your hero’s journey (of Joseph Campbell) into Self Actualization (Moksha). We will also do meditation practices with these Ishtadevatas so that they express through us at all stages of our hero’s journey. 

Manoj will help you discover your archetype/Ishtadevata.

(This workshop is 70% lecture, 15% meditation, 10% Mantra chantings and 5% light spiritual stretches.)

Hold the Charge: How Ayurveda Helps!

Yoga can help you feel light, energized, empowered, whole, and complete. And then you step into the world and poof, those feelings are gone! Fortunately yoga’s sister science, Ayruveda offers tools for understanding our elemental nature. When we understand our elemental nature we can Hold the Charge on and off our mats. In this class Debra will include a short discussion and an asana practice designed to give you an introduction to your elemental nature and the principles of Ayruveda.

Householder Yoga - Putting the Bhagavad Gita into Action

Discuss and engage in practices to embody the Gita in the middle of the battlefield with Swami Sankaranda.

Those of us with some awareness of the importance of spiritual life and awakening often find ourselves in the "middle of life" and feel that we are unable to engage in sadhana the way that we need to. Often there is the idea, "I'll get to it when the kids are gone, or when this problem is resolved". In fact the wisdom teachings shared in the Bhagavad Gita are for all of us, and for now... this moment. In our workshop we will meditate together, chant together, and then discuss some of the teaching of the Gita and how we might put it in place in the midst of the day-to-day battle.

Journey Through the Chakra’s

Chakra or “wheel of light” are subtle energy centers that direct the energy flow within our bodies. They represent aspects of who we are, how we see & relate to the world, as well as our ability to grow, evolve and transform. Join Nancy Kate as we engage a practice of asana, pranayama, mudras, mantra chanting & meditation to explore ways to tune into and tone these great energetic centers within our body. Blockages and stuck energy within the body create feelings of separation from ourselves, each other and the earth. We will move through a vinyasa practice creating awareness of how to support the flow of energy within the body to re-align to that same flow within the universe, so that we may experience the interconnection of existence. This is an all levels class.

Kirtan! Singing Our “Collective Effervescence”

Please join as we sing together the chants that connect us to what we wish to embrace, embody and evolve within our selves and our communities. Kirtan (from the Sanskrit root "kiirt", to name, recite, praise, glorify) is a practice where we sing in call and response fashion, tell stories from the wealth of Hindu mythology and in that discover the many aspects of our being.

We are stars sung into being and many people have found their voice through this practice. We chant to create a collective effervescence and move prana just as the goddess does. We sing to invite in our multiplicity of being and hone what we value!

This class is for everyone regardless of experience or perceived singing ability. Please bring whatever you need to sit comfortably.

Mantra Yoga - Path to Freedom and Happiness

Explore the theory and practice of Mantra, Japa and Kirtan with Swami Sankarananda.

Yoga is so much more than on the mat, or even Hatha Yoga. It is your own Truth, it is a state of consciousness, and it is an inner science designed to lead us to complete happiness. It works to uplift one's life through uplifting the mind, and finally leads us towards the freedom of an experiential and transcendent understanding that you are "in the world but not of the world" - revealing your inner state. Mantra is one of the great powers and practices of Yoga - many masters would say that repeating mantra is the most powerful practice that leads one towards liberation. In this workshop we will explore Mantra Yoga - both the philosophy underlying its trans-formative power, and the practices which reveal us as Ananda - Bliss.

Presence and Belonging

You belong here and your presence is needed. Less worrying about the little things and commit to the magic and beauty of this life. Through asana and breath lets begin to let go of our need for perfection and accept what life has to offer with less resistance. Allow the inner journey of devotional exploration along with our powerful emotions help us find our way back to the path of ease and well being. Recalibrate and remember our connection to the greater fabric of this life. Sending out more compassion, love and kindness to each other along the way. You are not alone! This workshop will include asana, discussion and some beautiful dope music.

Rhythmic Relaxation

Lauren Adamo will guide a deep meditation to align the 7 chakras using awareness of pranayama and will be accompanied by the rhythmic drums and soothing vocals of Damon the Zen Drummer. This class has been co-created to leave yogis feeling harmonized and refreshed.

Sacred Sanskrit in Yoga, Tantra and Vedanta: Theory and Practice

What indeed makes Sanskrit the sacred language of yoga? Sreedevi wants to share her joy in the journey of Sanskrit through the power of its sacred transmission from ancient sages. Explore rhythmic reciting and chanting, poetic grandeur in verse, meter and pulse, phonetic precision, sonic theology of Om and other powerful mantra sounds. Learn the links of Sanskrit alphabet sounds to the 5 elements and Tantric cosmology/ Sankhya categories of existence. Glimpse essential Sanskrit concepts and practices from Yoga, Vedanta and Tantra. Participate in reciting, chanting/singing. Accompanied by Sheela Bringi, professional raga-kirtan musician.

ShimmyAsana: A Joyful Blend of Yoga & Belly Dance

Come celebrate your inner Goddess! The pairing of the ancient arts of Yoga and Belly Dance, blend together beautifully and will bring a new element to your asana practice. Joyfully embrace the natural movement and express yourself while opening your heart.

Leave your self doubt and fear behind and come Shimmy with Christine, this class will offer freedom of expression that is inclusive of all body types. You will leave feeling invigorated, while having a blast.

Veils and hip scarves provided. This practice is perfect for all levels.

Slackline Yoga Fundamentals

Join YogaSlackers Teachers Jerrod and Matt to explore the art of Slackline Yoga. Slackline Yoga is a moving meditation practice that teaches body awareness, balance, and mental focus. Whether you are looking for a new way to enhance your yoga practice or playfully explore balance, slackline yoga is for everyone. Learn how to connect with the slackline through sitting, kneeling, standing, and even arm balancing to quiet your mind and tune you in to your inner-child. All levels of experience are welcomed! 

Sonic Yoga Experience

Discover and investigate your relationship to divinity through a deeply embodied somatic celebration of sound and music: Yoga asana, meditation and chanting nurtured by the angelic sounds of Sheela Bringi’s harp, bamboo flutes, and Indian singing.

SUP Yoga

Come and connect with nature as you practice yoga on a stand up paddle board at Palisade Riverbend Park! This yoga practice will include a 10 min dry land SUP instruction to prepare participants for a small paddle. Once on the water, participants will take their yoga poses to a new level while floating and enjoying the elements around them.

Class will be a slow flow practice with modifications to help you feel comfortable and at ease on the board. The sensation of floating will help to alleviate stress while creating focus and motivation.

Wear layers of quick dry clothing, sunblock and bring water & a towel. SUPs are provided, space is limited.

Surrender to More Than You Are

Enjoy the meandering play and practice of meditation with gentle movement and pranayama incorporated at intervals to provide rest and release.

Life puts forth challenges in front of us. We surrender to the process so that we may grow. There is a grand mystery that unfolds, in this absolute, and as we play in this game of life we feel out beyond our limits. We move courageously toward that which is meaningful to us. We move steadily into the unknown, at the same time we surrender to being, and to each passing moment. With far more going on than we know, or that we can know, we begin to realize that what we don’t know is far more important than what we already know. So. What should move forward in time with us? What should be surrendered? And, given there’s an infinite number of variations to these answers, who’s the judge?

This class is all levels can be enjoyed either seated or lying down. After the practice there will be time for discussion and sharing.

Turn Your Frown (and your Practice!) Upside Down!

Inversions both intimidate and fascinate. Learn to short circuit the doubts you might have around handstand and embody the fun and fascination with clear and replicable techniques to turn yourself upside down. Smile a ton and take this practice with YOU! This challenging but completely accessible class is appropriate for healthy practitioners of all levels.

Be You!


Yoga nidra meditation is a well-researched meditative relaxation initially developed by the Bihar School of Yoga in India and now rapidly spreading across the West --as part of both yoga wellness and veterans’ PTSD treatment. It incorporates guided relaxation with an empowering intention, visualizations, breath awareness, counting backwards, chakra sensitization, etc.,. Yoga nidra is known to promote deep relaxation in the alpha-theta brain wave states, decrease stress, and also increase calmness, equipoise and cognition. In advanced yoga nidra, sacred chakra sounds (bija mantras) and sacred geometry (yantra) visualizations of the chakras are also interwoven with moving imagery of light and breath. Examples from brain-meditation research will be shared, along with tips for practice and teaching.

You! 2.0 ~ Accepting the Challenge .... Open Hips to an Open Mind

Everyone can advance one's perspective on and off the mat. By digging into the soul of your hips - learn to empower your study and practice of arm balances - EVEN IF YOU NEVER BALANCE on your hands! The advancement of your technique and experience will take your practice to the next level. It's empowerment 2.0! This challenging but completely accessible class is appropriate for healthy practitioners of all levels.

Vitality Vinyasa: Ignite Your Inner Warrior

Elevate your heart rate and feel your body soar in an energetic, motivating, and pulse-pumping power vinyasa class sure to leave you feeling confident and alive. All levels are encouraged to join and wring it out!