Class Descriptions


AcroYoga Fundamentals

While traditional yoga connects us to our breath, movement, and thoughts, Acroyoga creates a safe and playful space for us to build community and explore the connections between humans. Join Matt and Jarrod and explore a new way to play through the art of partner acrobatics. This workshop is for all bodies, all experiences, and is sure to leave you feeling amazed and inspired. No partner required and solo practitioners are encouraged.

Asana, Meditation and Self inquiry: Youth Only Class (10-19) 

Students will connect breath to movement with a dynamic sequence of postures, inspired by Baron Baptiste's "Journey Into Power." Performed in a precise order designed to stimulate your mind and body while improving strength, flexibility and overall vitality. This class is energizing, fun and inspirational. You will tap into your deepest potential and push the limits of what you "think" is possible.

Following the physical practice will be a short Mediation. Students will sit and "witness their inner witness." Meditation is used to calm the mind and bring the whole being into a deeper state of awareness and presence.

And finally we will close the class with Self Inquiry. Students will share their experience with another student. Learning how to ask questions like "where do I feel safe to drop my mask?" "how can I get out of my own way?" and "can I ever shut up the chatter and noise in my head?" Navigating how to have your own back.

Beyond the Postures: Yamas and Niyamas

The Yamas and Niyamas bring us a way of living beyond the physical postures (Asana) of Yoga.  Through our Asana practice we bring awareness to our body and through the practice of the Yamas and Niyamas we bring awareness to our minds.  Yamas are our external restraints or ethical practices and Niyamas are our internal observances or self-care practices. We’ll explore and discuss the 5 Yamas and 5 Niyamas, where they come from, and how they can apply to our own lives.  This class will be mostly lecture with some discussion and movement.

Bhagavad Gita - Teaching for our Times

What is our battlefield in turbulent times? What are the new ethics needed?  What is spiritual freedom? Who are our teachers and guides now? Join this vibrant, guided exploration of the timeless yoga teachings of the Bhagavad Gita. Raised in the Hindu /yoga traditions, Sreedevi will incorporate the ancient craft of hari-katha (melodious verse chanting and story-telling). Review the wisdom teachings of the 3 paths of yoga (karma, jnana and bhakti) that link to the 3 human temperaments (gunas). With examples of how to infuse key concepts into yoga practice and teaching.

Bollywood Dance

Bollywood dance is the dance performed in Bollywood movies.  The Bollywood dance style is a beautiful blend of all Indian dance styles be it classical Indian dance, folk Indian dance or the more current R&B, hip hop, and bellydance music. Some people love Bollywood dances because there are no defined rules like in classical dance styles of India.

We'll start with a warm-up and then move straight into Bollywood dance choreography!  By the end of the hour, you will have learned a short routine you can perform to your heart's delight!  We will end with a short cool-down.

Break the Mold, Be Yourself

A look into ‘self-defining’ and the awareness of oneself as an individual. Through discussion, movement, and postures, students will have the opportunity to see that the practice of Yoga- as a lifestyle - has the power to heal the mind and body. Upon completion of this class, students will feel that their efforts are worth it, and leave with a renewed sense of confidence and acceptance in themselves.

Breathe to Balance

As an individual, as a community, as a world, many of us know we need balance, stability and compassion in our life. That is what this practice is all about. This all levels class will give you concrete tools to feel better in your body, calm your mind and learn a simple breathing and meditation practice which will benefit your nervous system, and which you can do any time, any where.


Buti Yoga is a soulful blend of power yoga, cardio-intensive tribal dance, conditioning and deep abdominal toning. Buti was created to help women tap into their inner power to unleash unshakeable confidence, uncover true desire and bond with other women instead of compete. Buti is an Indian Marathi word that means “a cure that has been hidden or kept secret.” We believe that only the true cure comes from within. This practice of Buti Yoga helps women strip away the layers that have hidden this cure and brings about total transformation. This class will include a brief lecture on safely performing the movements during this high-energy, powerful class. The master class will be 60 minutes long. Come prepared to sweat, laugh, and have fun. This is an all levels class. Towel and water are highly recommended.

Change Your Perspective : An Exploration of Handstand & Forearm Balance

Inversions ask us to be fully present while turning our world upside down. We must root down into the earth in order to rise into the sky and pull to the center of ourselves in order to feel balanced and confident to offer our gifts to those around us. They teach us to view our experience from a new perspective and connect that which we cannot see. Inversions are healing, nurturing, exciting, rejuvenating and strengthening! Join us as we explore inverted asanas, learning key actions through a conscious flow to help you boldly fly with grace and help you conquer your fears of going upside down.

Flow and Fly!

Power vinyasa yoga is a fun and challenging class that keeps you moving as you connect your breath to each pose.  Flow and Fly! will have you building into a powerful flow with fun and empowering inversions sprinkled in! Expect to be challenged, to face your fears, and to have fun! You will feel inspiration in the music, support through the community, empowerment through your flow, and love as you take the leap to come upside down!

Kundalini: Kriya for Elevation

You will learn the benefits of the ancient techniques of Kundalini Yoga, also known as the yoga of awareness. Its focus is on the nervous and glandular systems of the physical body and helps us to have a heightened sense of our spirit. Kundalini is a Kriya yoga. Together in this class we will go through the Kriya for Elevation which is a basic Kundalini class which includes a meditation. This helps us balance all of our chakras and circulate our life force energy through our bodies and uplifts the mind and spirit. 

Iyengar Level 1

This class will include basic instruction in the fundamentals of postural alignment and breathing for beginner students. Basic standing poses, forward bends, back flexibility, twists, and hip openers will be introduced with close attention to correct alignment.

Iyengar Level 2 

This class introduces more challenging poses and offers students the opportunity to explore yoga as a discipline involving the conscious balance integration of mind, body, breath and spirit. This class offers expanded study of inversions and back flexibility. Students should have prior Level 1 experience. 

Permission to Feel and The Power to Act

Anything in life, every experience we have is absolutely unique to each one of us as an individual. Physically, mentally, emotionally. We feel “these” things different. All of us. And it's OK! In this class, we will take time to experience and explore into a meditation and awareness practice that focuses on the breath and incorporates some heart-centered visualizations. We will start seated for a short discussion on our class theme. We will then take time to move, stretch and gently soften the body before sitting down for meditation. There will be two 25-minute guided meditation sessions that will take place back to back with an option to rest or stretch in between.  After the meditations there will be time for discussions.

Slackline Yoga Fundamentals

Join YogaSlackers Teachers Jerrod and Matt to explore the art of Slackline Yoga. Slackline Yoga is a moving meditation practice that teaches body awareness, balance, and mental focus. Whether you are looking for a new way to enhance your yoga practice or playfully explore balance, slackline yoga is for everyone. Learn how to connect with the slackline through sitting, kneeling, standing, and even arm balancing to quiet your mind and tune you in to your inner-child. All levels of experience are welcomed! 

Sonic Yoga Experience

Discover and investigate your relationship to divinity through a deeply embodied somatic celebration of sound and music: Yoga asana, meditation and chanting nurtured by the angelic sounds of Sheela Bringi’s harp, bamboo flutes, and Indian singing.

The Great Teachers - Arm Balances teaching Freedom in

Backbends (all levels) - Arm balancing is not just about our arms, it takes full body awareness, energetic alignment and deep core integration to rise above the earth. This practice prepares the body to create freedom in the spine as we engage a sustainable practice of back bending. Join us as we move through a conscious flow vinyasa practice of symmetrical & asymmetrical arm balances & back bends.

Vitality Vinyasa: Ignite Your Inner Warrior!

Elevate your heart rate and feel your body soar in an energetic, motivating, and pulse-pumping power vinyasa class sure to leave you feeling confident and alive. All levels are encouraged to join and wring it out!

Yoga For The Joints

Pavanamuktasana is a series of yogic practices that opens, strengthens and revitalizes each of the joints of the body.  Pavana is a Sanskrit word that means ‘wind’ but connotes ‘life force’ in this practice. Mukta means ‘liberated’.  The joints are passageways where life force is believed to become stuck.  Pavanamuktasana is a series of movements that liberate the stuck life force within these passageways of the body.  The movements are very accessible, but quite dynamic and exhilarating.  

What to bring: A yoga mat and a strap.

Yoga for Life

Yoga for Life is a gentle style yoga class suitable for all practitioners. This class focuses on mobilizing, stabilizing and stretching for optimal well-being, with asanas specific to managing pain and releasing tension. Practices also include an opportunity to learn being present and whole by connecting the body, breath and mind.

Yoga for Mental Health

One of the many benefits of yoga is the calming affect it brings to the mind.  Whether you are trying to manage the symptoms of a mental health condition or are just seeking to alleviate anxiety, you will acquire invaluable tools to help deal with our ever increasingly stressful world.  This class will be a combination of breathing techniques, restorative yoga, and guided meditation.  You will learn how and why stress affects the body, and how you can use yoga and breath work to help bring emotional balance to your life.  All levels are welcome and no previous yoga experience is necessary. 

Yoga for Resilience: What if Love is Greater than Fear?

The yoga tradition teaches that we are inherently whole and healthy and come with a unique contribution to make. The pace and conditions of modern life often take us away from this understanding, leaving us distracted, depleted and confused. Yoga offers us the balance, stability and focus required to live our lives with vitality, authenticity, compassion and joy. Incorporating the wisdom of yoga with modern science, this session is perfect for anyone ready to breathe, balance and regain their focus on what really matters. Open to all levels, join us as we move, breathe, meditate, relax and reclaim the love that is greater than fear. You will leave with simple techniques you can use everyday to manage your mind and regulate your nervous system for more stability, compassion and joy.

Yoga for Self-Regulation

Incorporating yogic philosophy with modern science, this class is suited for all people.  Taught in a trauma sensitive format, which focuses on breath, awareness and enhancing skills for self-regulation, adaptations are made for all body types and physical abilities.  The yoga sequences are designed to explore patterns of breath and movement while gently unwinding the body’s holding patterns. Applying a trauma informed perspective of compassion and curiosity, this practice aims to meet students where they are on their personal journey.

Yoga For Veterans & !st Responders

This class is for veterans, active duty and first responders. This is an ALL levels class, even if you have never done yoga or don't think you can... YOU CAN. 

It will be led by a military veteran, Goose. Suffering from traumatic injuries and PTSD, Goose was medically retired from the military. She has experienced first hand, how incredibly powerful and healing yoga can be for not just the body but also the mind and heart.  

Incorporating Breathing, Meditation, Mindful Movement, Guided Rest and Gratitude into this class,  Goose creates a safe space to find stillness,  and connect with your inner warrior.

Yoga Nidra: Immersion and Tips for Teaching

Yoga nidra guided somatic meditation promotes deep relaxation in the alpha-theta brain wave states, decreases stress and increases cognitive capacity.  This progressive guided relaxation includes breath awareness, body scanning, visualizations, counting backwards, chakra sensitization, and the strong power of intention (sankalpa). Yoga nidra is becoming popular in yoga studios and also used in veterans’ therapy and trauma work.  

Class format:  Opening movement, bija mantra chanting, pranayama and brief teaching/intro.  Followed by 40-45 min. guided yoga nidra in shavasana , accompanied by soothing, live  background music. With reflections and Q-A as needed.  Sreedevi’s Yoga nidra practice CD’s/audio tracks are available at nominal cost.

Yoga Nidra: Yogic Sleep

Yoga Nidra (translated as ‘yogic sleep’) is a powerful meditation technique that traverses the pancha kosha (five layers of self) into one’s essence nature.  Done while laying in shavasana, this practice involves sequentially circulating awareness through each part of the body, allowing holding patterns to unknot, and stress to disintegrate.

Yoga Nidra is now showing its benefits not only in traditional yoga culture but in the fields of pain management and psychotherapy.  It has proven effective in treating a wide range of afflictions including chronic pain, sleep disorders, addiction, PTSD, low self-esteem, anxiety and stress. 

What to bring: A yoga mat, blanket and pillow.